Phoenix Rising

How do you deal with your intensity? I have a very intense part of my nature, which is probably why I'm an artist. I have to create or the intensity will turn against me. I know my true spirit nature is love, peace, and joy, and I also know my human nature can be really tumultuous, dark, stormy, passionate, wild. I love these parts of myself. Do you love your dark and stormy parts?

Destruction is part of the creative process. Whenever something new is growing, which is always, something else is dying and falling away. Sometimes this is a peaceful letting go, and sometimes the whole city is on fire. Lately a part of me has been burning, burning, burning...

May we allow our wilder natures to thrash and burn and rise and do what they must to transform. May we be as kind and gentle as possible with ourselves in the midst of great change. It's time for the phoenix to rise from the ashes. Here's a new song for you: