Lara's music isn't trying to take you somewhere.

It's trying to find you, down deep where you already live.


There are two kinds of music – the kind that rushes out to meet you, and the kind that invites you to come inside and sit down awhile. Lara Oshon (pronounced like 'ocean') creates the latter. 

Her signature lush vocals and rhythmic piano stylings flow right through the heart, creating a transforming musical experience and igniting devoted supporters worldwide.  Lara's Georgia roots and California spirit infuse her music with rich layers of tender folk, deep soul, and playful pop. Her songs emanate a warm power that draws you inward toward them, compelling you to slow down and really listen. 

Lara is currently based in Long Beach and working on her fifth album, in addition to painting, speaking and designing t-shirt lines. Be sure to sign up for her mailing list HERE to get the latest songs and news first!



“One Heart” - Single, released 2019
“Phoenix Rising” - Single, released 2017
"Love Is The New Sexy" - Single, released 2016
"I Will Sing: Live at Sangha" - LP, released 2012
"Born to Shine" - LP, released 2010
"Back Into One" - Single, released 2010
"Dive In" - EP, released 2008
"Emerging" - demo LP, released 2005