Sharing the Love - Random Acts of Kindness Week

It's lucky Friday the 13th and the weekend when we are officially supposed to be romantic! Are you ready? Well, I'm not necessarily a big Valentine's person but we all know I like to talk about love. I have a different kind of love story I want to share that I received this week from Paula in Charleston, SC. Many of you have shared your photos of wearing your Love Is The New Sexy™ shirts, spreading love and joy all across the country and world. I post them periodically on my public Facebook Page. Paula informed me that this is Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 9-15), and that she has been passionately promoting it in Charleston since 1993. Here are her inspiring words and photos:

"I remember you asking for us to share pics of us expressing love. Well, this just happens to be Random Acts of Kindness Week, with RAK Day on Feb 17th. You can check out the Foundation and get the history of this sweet grassroots idea that's now recognized. The site is also loaded with free ideas and resources.

This pic is from yesterday. I began the day by buying a few dozen beautiful carnations. Then I tied little Random Acts of Kindness cards to them. Then I got in my car and went out to give them away. I believe in practicing kindness and love every day, but this week is such a beautiful and easy-to-practice reminder of how good it feels to receive and GIVE kindness. I think of you often and always send you light and love. Paula. "

How totally awesome is that? Thank you, Paula, for taking the time to share your story with us, and most of all for being being part of the movement of love, kindness and compassion in our world! I'm so happy to meet wonderful people like you! Who else has a fun story to share about wearing their shirt and being love?