We Are the Angels of This Earth

Today at Century City Mall I discovered something fantastic - huge, brightly colored angel wings suspended in the air! I was instantly uplifted and excited to see what in the world they were doing there. I had my photo taken with them, as did many others, and when I got home later I researched their creator: Colette Miller. I am so inspired by her Global Angel Wings project, something she created in 2012 to remind humanity that we are the angels of this earth. So awesome!!!

She began by simply seeing images of angel wings in her mind's eye, and has since installed these gorgeous wings in public places all over the world. People spontaneously take photos with them (like me), thus becoming part of the art. She creates them as a symbol of peace. I just love this project and her words: "The philosophies of nature and mankind are universal. Humanity craves beauty, love, acceptance, enlightenment and faith in the human race. We all desire it and can attain it if we believe in ourselves. Every soul in this universe is a star. Find your inner light. It's a lifelong quest that's actually worth it."

"We can be the Angels on this Earth. We NEED to be the Angels on Earth." 

Thank you, Colette. You rock.

Lara Oshon Angel Wings-web.JPG