Love Is The New Sexy™ T Shirt - now in NEW Eco Black!

Love Is The New Sexy™ T Shirt - now in NEW Eco Black!

Thanks to you all, we are officially sold out of the burgundy color t shirts. They are now collector's items - ha! :) Over the past year I have received the most requests for a black t shirt, so here you go people - introducing the brand new Eco Black tee!! It's the same Alternative Apparel Eco Heather, extremely soft and comfortable, as well as the same unisex fit...

Listen to Your Heart Series

I am having a wonderful birthday week and want to thank so many of you for your calls and notes! I feel very loved!! I'm excited to share a new series called 'Listen to Your Heart' that I'm doing at Inspire Spiritual Community (formerly Project: Service LA), starting June 4th and happening every first Thursday of the month. This is a deeply relaxing one hour experience with live music, meditation and a brief talk designed to boost your heart and give that busy mind a rest. Come sit, listen and meditate with me as I share songs, stories and lead you through a simple meditation. 

We Are the Angels of This Earth

Today at Century City Mall I discovered something fantastic - huge, brightly colored angel wings suspended in the air! I was instantly uplifted and excited to see what in the world they were doing there. I had my photo taken with them, as did many others, and when I got home later I researched their creator: Colette Miller. I am so inspired by her Global Angel Wings project, something she created in 2012 to remind humanity that we are the angels of this earth. So awesome!!!

She began by simply seeing images of angel wings in her mind's eye, and has since installed these gorgeous wings in public places all over the world. People spontaneously take photos with them (like me), thus becoming part of the art. She creates them as a symbol of peace. I just love this project and her words: "The philosophies of nature and mankind are universal. Humanity craves beauty, love, acceptance, enlightenment and faith in the human race. We all desire it and can attain it if we believe in ourselves. Every soul in this universe is a star. Find your inner light. It's a lifelong quest that's actually worth it."

"We can be the Angels on this Earth. We NEED to be the Angels on Earth." 

Thank you, Colette. You rock.

Lara Oshon Angel Wings-web.JPG

New Shine Love Tees

I'm really happy to introduce these new Shine Love Tees!! They've been in my heart for a while and are now available for a limited time. There are three different styles and colors, all heathered tees and very soft. And all orders will receive a free download of my song "Shine." 

They are available until May 6 at Teespring:  I hope you like them, and please share the link with anyone else you think would enjoy them. Thank you in advance for spreading and shining Love!!

If you missed my 30 minute interview on The Lion Radio Show with David Matthew Brown yesterday, you can listen to it anytime HERE. I had a great time talking with him about creativity, living from the heart and the Love Is The New Sexy™ t shirt line. 

Have a wonderful week!

Sharing the Love - Random Acts of Kindness Week

It's lucky Friday the 13th and the weekend when we are officially supposed to be romantic! Are you ready? Well, I'm not necessarily a big Valentine's person but we all know I like to talk about love. I have a different kind of love story I want to share that I received this week from Paula in Charleston, SC. Many of you have shared your photos of wearing your Love Is The New Sexy™ shirts, spreading love and joy all across the country and world. I post them periodically on my public Facebook Page. Paula informed me that this is Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 9-15), and that she has been passionately promoting it in Charleston since 1993. Here are her inspiring words and photos:

"I remember you asking for us to share pics of us expressing love. Well, this just happens to be Random Acts of Kindness Week, with RAK Day on Feb 17th. You can check out the Foundation and get the history of this sweet grassroots idea that's now recognized. The site is also loaded with free ideas and resources.

This pic is from yesterday. I began the day by buying a few dozen beautiful carnations. Then I tied little Random Acts of Kindness cards to them. Then I got in my car and went out to give them away. I believe in practicing kindness and love every day, but this week is such a beautiful and easy-to-practice reminder of how good it feels to receive and GIVE kindness. I think of you often and always send you light and love. Paula. "

How totally awesome is that? Thank you, Paula, for taking the time to share your story with us, and most of all for being being part of the movement of love, kindness and compassion in our world! I'm so happy to meet wonderful people like you! Who else has a fun story to share about wearing their shirt and being love?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Let your heart be LIGHT... I'm excited to share a holiday video I made for you guys after the live streaming concert a few weeks ago. This is one of my favorite Christmas songs, and the room felt so beautiful after being with those who joined the live stream I wanted to capture the love and share it. I send all of you my biggest thanks and brightest love for being part of my world. May our hearts feel like the twinkly lights about my head in the video, and may we cherish the people we get to be with.

Merry Christmas and Happy Everything else you celebrate! I love you! 

Live Streaming is Fun!

Last night I did my first live streaming online concert and holy smokes it was fun! THANK YOU so much to everyone who participated and made it such an unforgettable experience!  I got such a kick out of your live chat comments and song requests throughout the show. What an amazing experience to sit in my living room and connect with people as far away as Slovakia. We even had a newborn baby watch the show and request a song (well maybe via her parents.) Technology is amazing. Thank you for your generous support and contributions, and I can't wait to do another one. I love you! Cheers!

Phoenix Rising

How do you deal with your intensity? I have a very intense part of my nature, which is probably why I'm an artist. I have to create or the intensity will turn against me. I know my true spirit nature is love, peace, and joy, and I also know my human nature can be really tumultuous, dark, stormy, passionate, wild. I love these parts of myself. Do you love your dark and stormy parts?

Destruction is part of the creative process. Whenever something new is growing, which is always, something else is dying and falling away. Sometimes this is a peaceful letting go, and sometimes the whole city is on fire. Lately a part of me has been burning, burning, burning...

May we allow our wilder natures to thrash and burn and rise and do what they must to transform. May we be as kind and gentle as possible with ourselves in the midst of great change. It's time for the phoenix to rise from the ashes. Here's a new song for you:

What is Love Is The New Sexy™?

Love Is The New Sexy Lara Oshon

Stop Looking for Leaders to Follow.  Be the Leader.

I've been thinking a lot about this lately, as more shirts are spreading around the country and even around the world. Love Is The New Sexy is a movement about amplifying Love. It is shining the spotlight on Love as the main thing - the only thing - more important, more solid than any hipster fashion statement, popularity trend or cultural fad. It's an invitation to be a Leader for Love, a trailblazer that spreads kindness, courage, joy, generosity and compassion through their daily lives.

Love Is The New Sexy is also about sexy. We are all sexual beings, and we live in a media age that bombards us with images and ideas of what is considered sexy. Many, if not most of these are disconnected from the heart, from the whole person. Love Is The New Sexy is making a statement about an empowered beauty that comes from uniting our sexual nature with our hearts. True sexiness is the natural by-product of an inner radiance. There is nothing more beautiful and alluring than someone who is filled with love and lit up from within.

When you wear a Love Is The New Sexy t shirt you are standing up for Love - an empowered, whole being, wholehearted Love that includes everyone as family. People of all shapes, sizes, ages, gender, colors, sexual preferences and cultures are wearing the shirt and spreading love. Thank you for your participation in this movement of Love. Thank you for your free spirits, your open hearts, and for shining your unique lights. 

Let's love outrageously together! If you'd like to participate, you can order your on my STORE page.

With deep thanks and joy, Lara

p.s. pictured is my dear friend Antoine, who totally rocks the vibe of this shirt. This photo makes me SO happy!!! (Photography by Annabelle Aymond.) Please keep sending in your photos and I will post them on my public Facebook Page.